With Henry Walter Services, Inc. you can expect…

  • Personalized and knowledgeable in the skillsets you need
  • Work that is consistently high-quality
  • On-time delivery guaranteed
  • Focus on reducing stress and frustration
  • Elimination of the risk of employing full-time assistance

Small Business Assistance

Take a step further toward building your successful and efficient small business.

Starting and running a small business requires more work than many people initially realize. Hiring another full-time office assistant with the skills and experience needed can often be too large of a commitment or too expensive while hiring a temp can often lead to inexperienced personnel and time-consuming supervision by the business owner.

Henry Walter Services, Inc. takes the skills and knowledge from years of working with clients and translates that into qualified and efficient small business assistance. Services include, but are not limited to the following:


  • Prepare documents and paperwork when putting a business up for sale
  • Assistance with investigations and audits
  • Completion and organization of backlogged paperwork and filing projects (including but not limited to correspondence and invoicing)
  • Organization when expanding into a new space
  • Assistance with paperwork and documentation when merging two businesses together
  • Help during busier seasons and with special projects

Small Business Assistance

Bringing in a generic temp for paralegal services does not always yield the quality you deserve. When preparing for court or other regulatory proceedings, it’s best to have someone who is experienced and knowledgeable in law and can be a proactive member of your team. On the other hand, adding another full-time staff member can be costly, time-consuming, and burdensome during the ebbs and flows or your legal practice. You need the quality of our experience at the luxury of your practice’s needs.

Henry Walter Services, Inc. provides you with this efficient assistance that not only helps you prepare for the deadline but also understands the legal field and can determine the best ways to be of help. Services include, but are not limited to the following:

Audits, Investigations, and Litigation

  • Manage data collection from various parties including compiling data requests and evaluating responses
  • Perform document reviews for relevancy, attorney work product, and attorney-client privilege
  • Correspond and interact directly with clients, contractual parties, consultants, government regulators, brokers, experts, and opposing counsel regarding productions
  • Prepare documents for production including working with various vendors in finalizing documents such as Bates stamping and other types of similar projects;  then produce such documents to counsel, agencies, and to experts for review
  • Perform case and document management including, creating, organizing, indexing, and updating witness, subject, and issue files.
  • Research and provide statutes, regulations, and other such cites for attorney review
  • Prepare pleadings for filings including: editing, proofreading, organizing exhibits, cite checking and finalizing attachments for memoranda, trials, depositions, hearings, and other regulatory proceedings
  • File pleadings with appropriate agencies including use of electronic filings
  • Review online dockets and maintain pleading files in paper and electronic format
  • Attend meetings with clients to prepare for various legal and administrative proceedings
  • Attend trials and hearings to provide all needed support

Corporate Work

  • Review state requirements regarding corporate documents and relay such information to clients and attorneys
  • Prepare state incorporation filings, foreign qualifications documents, assumed name filings, EIN applications, etc.
  • Prepare and maintain corporate books and historical files including board minutes, corporate resolutions, by-laws, consents and assignments, etc.
  • Review and edit contracts


  • Manage collection of, analyze, categorize, index, and organize due diligence documents and other types of data
  • Respond to questions regarding regulatory procedural issues for sale-related filings to clients and attorneys
  • Create and maintain tracking charts, graphics, timelines, and logs related to transactions for use by clients and attorneys
  • Schedule, coordinate, prepare outlines, and attend meetings with clients, experts, and opposing counsels
  • Prepare for and attend closings; prepare final closing binders

The quality of our experience at the luxury of your needs.

Healthcare Regulatory

In addition to paralegal and office assistance, Henry Walter Service, Inc. provides specialized assistance as it relates to the healthcare industry. In order to maintain secure and safe proceedings, the amount of documentation and red tape involved in this type of work can be overwhelming and complicated.

It is therefore essential to have someone who is experienced in this field to navigate the paperwork, legalities, transactions, and documentation in order to prevent expensive mistakes.

We can help with licensure obligations and other legal requirements and documentation that span multiple states and take into consideration the regulatory practices at both the federal and state level. We have extensive experience with sales and transferring ownership of a facility from one entity to another, from the beginning of the transaction to well after the sale has been finalized to tie up loose ends. Our history also includes a comprehensive background in government audits and investigations. Services include, but are not limited to the following:

Licensing and Transactions

  • Research and analyze issues including licensing, cost reporting, and various penalties; prepare memorandum advising attorneys on findings
  • Manage data collection from buyers, sellers and managers, including compiling data requests and evaluating responses to such requests
  • Create and maintain regulatory tracking charts, graphics, timelines and logs for use by clients and attorneys
  • Respond to questions regarding regulatory procedural issues for agency filings to clients and attorneys
  • Oversee and develop licensing, certificate of need, ancillary permit, Medicare and Medicaid applications for all types of transactions, including changes of ownership, asset purchases, stock transfers, mergers, real property sales, and management company changes
  • Interface with government agencies specifically related to regulatory filings to respond to requests for additional information and to obtain governmental approvals in accordance with transaction closing timetables

Investigations and Audits

  • Manage data collections, perform document reviews, and prepare documents for production to various agencies and parties
  • Attend meetings with clients to prepare for various legal and administration proceedings
  • Prepare exhibits and memoranda for filing in connection with hearings and other regulatory proceedings
  • Prepare and file Freedom of Information Act requests
  • All aspects of case management

Cut through the red tape and move forward with ease.

Office Organization

The perfect service for the times when you need office projects done quickly, efficiently, and intelligently. We quickly identify and satisfy problems with the best-fitted solutions. More than a temp, we provide professional office assistance you can count on.

For small businesses, hiring a full-time office manager or assistant can be risky and expensive. Our on-demand office organization service gives you the control to employ the services you need, only when you need them. Services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Organize and maintain file management systems in reliable paper and electronic formats such as correspondence and invoice files
  • Create and maintain tracking charts, graphs, timelines and logs
  • Create and maintain various types of file rooms
  • Organize and improve the structure of your office environment
  • Prepare and send accounts payable; process account receivables
  • Respond to or initiate correspondence backlogs via phone or email
  • Clear out physical and digital clutter
  • Organize desks and workspaces

High-value, on-demand office assistance at a manageable rate.

Interested in working with Henry Walter Services, Inc. in any of these areas? Send us an inquiry.